the power of the people in your posse!

They say we become the five people we spend the most time with. Interesting thought...

I imagine many of you right now are thinking about who your five people might be? What qualities do they posses? Are they inspiring, motivating, encouraging, draining, complaining or angry. How does their presence influence or affect you? Great questions to think about.

As humans we have such a great capacity to love and a great desire to feel loved, needed, appreciated and accepted. However many of us can find ourselves accepting or spending time with the wrong people to fill these needs, feel those feelings and gain a sense of belonging and that we matter.

I'm sure you're aware of groups (maybe you've been in one, as I was years ago) that gather together (online and off) and share nothing but tales of how hard life is, how there's no good men left, how they'll never be able to.... how this sucks, how life's unfair etc etc. Then there's the gossip "did you hear about... can you believe she..." very unproductive and draining. They can suck the life out of you like energy vampires.

If we are to grow and become the very best we can be we must surround ourselves with the right people. We must create our own power posse! People that encourage you, really listen, help you grow and expand, motivate and inspire you. In turn we must do the same for them. Building a team (well a power posse) that makes each other smile, supports each other, pushes each other out of their comfort zone but is also there for each other when they fall. This could include friends, family, community support groups, hobby groups or Facebook groups.

Your Power Posse should generate a loving higher energy that inspires, creates, supports and moves forward in a positive direction.

So who is in your Posse?

Really think about it for a moment. Who do you hang out with, lean on, who has your back, who is growing with you and lifting you up? Is anyone dragging you down?

There is Power in your Posse!

PS I have learned that no one who succeeds in life travels this road alone. Who you surround yourself with is just as important as what you do, what you say and what you believe.

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