"Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions and as a result they get better answers" Anthony Robbins

Our answers are in our questions. Great questions lead to great answers.
Some of the greatest discoveries and dreams started with a great question; "How could I?" "What if I?" "What can I?"

One famous story is that of Colonial Sanders, who in his sixties turned his life around with a great question. At the time he was broke and alone but, instead of feeling sorry for himself, getting mad, blaming society or sinking into depression  he asked "What could I do that would be of value to other people, what could I give back?" While thinking about his question he thought about his great chicken recipe that everybody loved. "What if I sold my recipe to restaurants, could I make money doing that?" And although if you know his story there was a long road ahead as he went from place to place, often living out of his car and was turned down by over 100 people, he went on to build what we now know as KFC.

Great questions can lead to positive actions & the realisation of dreams. 

As humans you'd know we're always asking questions and we're going to ask them for our entire life, it starts from a very early age. We ask them out loud or silently mull them over in our minds but for many the questions are "Why me?" "Why is life so unfair?" "Why didn't I get that?" and these unhelpful questions lead to stagnation, doubt, self-pity or just feeling miserable and low.
Then there's the classic question "What will everyone else think or say?" which just takes away your power, confidence - creating worry and self-doubt and moving us further away from being our authentic selves and the only person that really suffers is you. 
These are questions I like to call small helpless questions that have no benefit, they don't allow us to grow or take any personal responsibility they literally just keep us playing small. 

Becoming aware, understanding different types of questions, along with the questions you ask yourself and changing them if there the not so helpful small questions, will not only help you actually solve your problems and build self-belief but increase your personal power and open up the communication channels with those around you. 

You know a number of years ago on a Sunday afternoon out of the blue there was talk of my younger son moving in with his dad, something I dreaded but it didn't come up a lot although I knew his dad had been pushing for it for years. Then the following day my son came home from school, his dad had picked him up and was waiting out the front while he came in to grab his things and say; I'm moving in with dad. I was floored and the second he left I just fell to the floor in tears. It was only through all my years of study and Personal Development that I was able to quickly pull myself together, instead of easily sinking into a depressed state and going into "Why me?", "Why is it so unfair?", or even curse his dad and ask "Why did he do this to me?".

Not long after he left, I jumped straight onto the computer and googled 'HELP my teenage son just moved in with his dad what can I do?' Now off course I had to be discerning as I waded through a ton of things that came up but it led me to one women experiencing the same and a great book she had read that helped her, so I raced up to the library that very afternoon to borrow it. I was determined to work through it and deal with it with my son’s best interest at heart. Now there's more to the story but my point is I was able to move forward and handle what had happened by asking helpful questions.

I could share with you so many moments were the outcome was greatly affected simply by asking the right questions.
So I've added a PDF below with empowering questions.

It includes:
Questions that focus on the now, on gratitude, on finding solutions and selfless questions that focus on improving the lives of others.

So I welcome you to take a look and encourage you to start incorporating the ones that resonate with you.
Asking great questions is just one of the areas of personal development that can really change the quality of your life.

Albert Einstein said the important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for existing.

So I'll just add make them great questions, empowering questions (as you'll find in the PDF).


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