the magical cure

I’ve read so many PD books, been to seminars, watched endless videos, trainings, webinars, courses, attended some let’s say unique spiritual awakening rituals, & in my early days turned to clairvoyants & tarot cards. All looking for the magical cure.

How to feel better, find my purpose, discover happiness, be a better parent, partner, friend, find what was missing & ultimately ‘change’ because I didn’t like me.

Filled with doubt, self-loathing, comparing myself to others; some who had a team of professionals behind them to make them look good & sound good (how can anyone live up to a billboard or movie star character) some just from what I saw, seemingly beautiful with all their ducks lined up in a row, not knowing, understanding or realising that behind closed doors they experienced the same feelings & troubling thoughts & battles as I did (they were just really good at not showing it).

It wasn’t until I started my studies that I began to see the complexities of human nature, the self-sabotage & paradoxically the simplicities of life. We have mastered the complexities, mastered the loathing, mastered the deep despair we unnecessarily put ourselves through, with flying colours. Just listen to the coffee chats, the office parties, the millions of stories of people’s journeys & it’s easy to see that our focus & attention lies heavily on the side of doom & gloom.

I wanted the magical cure, the instant fix, the high that never goes down but it doesn’t exist. Even the most elite have down days, off days, doubtful days, tired days, overwhelmed days & need to take a break & just get away.

Now I understand this post may be sounding a little doom & gloom itself but it’s not my intention, it’s reality, it’s life & it’s ok. Because although the instant fix & your done (or cured) doesn’t exist - the ability to love beyond all our fears & create an incredible life does. It just requires consistency & yep I have to say a commitment for life.

A commitment to raising our awareness, to building self-belief, a commitment of understanding that this life, this journey can be beautiful, inspiring, creative, fun if we are prepared to do the work. If we are prepared to fight those inner battles, those years of beliefs that are so ingrained & kept us stuck, low & fearful. If we are prepared to acknowledge that we are the choice makers in our lives. We get to choose if we complicate things or if we laugh, love, learn & move forward.

We are, although many don’t know it, acknowledge it or live it, the captains of our ship, the authors of our story & the creators of our dreams. We choose how we spend our money, our time, what we invest our energy & love into. Wether consciously or not our choices are based on all our beliefs & experiences, choices that are mostly made to protect ourselves, so that we don’t suffer or leave ourselves open or vulnerable - just in case we experience a similar pain, loss or regret that we have experienced before.

Our journey & our growth is made up of lots of little shifts, lots of little moments, lots of little magical cures. Each one raising our spirits, shifting our energy, instilling hope & new beliefs of yes I can, yes I am, yes it’s worth it, yes I'm worth it.

So although many flit from one thing to the next looking for that magical cure, fix all - you are the magical cure, your mind, your awareness, your consistency & determination to never give up, to always strive to be better than you were yesterday (not anyone else, just you) will lead you into the life you were born to live, a life full of love, joy & meaning.

So keep reading, keep going to those seminars, watching those webinars from people you admire. Start taking onboard all those little things that resonate with you, move you & inspire you. Start reforming those beliefs of having to be perfect, having to have it all figured out, having to look, be & sound like all the fake images you have created in your mind, based on how you have perceived the world from all its negative conditioning.

Some of the greatest lessons I’ve learnt & the greatest shifts I’ve made have come from the simplest of quotes & sentences, along with spending time alone to go within, to listen to my higher self & the loving guidance she shares every single day. For the longest time I just never heard her because the sound or the voice of my fears, doubts & worries was so much louder.

There is so much we can learn, in fact it will take us to the end of days & still we wouldn’t have learnt it all, but when we are open to learning & growing every day our journey, our life, gets better & better, step by step, day by day, little shift after little shift. With the understanding that there will always be days of sadness, pain, doubt as we are human & because so much happens in the world that we cannot control or foresee but that when it comes, we can feel it, acknowledge it, respond accordingly & move forward with the Love, joy & meaning we have gained in all of our growth & learning. With one beautiful fact I just want to finish up with; the more consistent & committed in your growth you are, the less of these days you will experience & the quicker you will move through them. As previous possible days, weeks, months even years turn into hours, minutes or just moments till your back in the present.

The love the Life You Live Coach, Counsellor & Author
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