Do you wake up every morning with a great big smile on your face?

BLOG by Karen Offord

18th September 2015

A few days ago I tweeted: It's going to be a beautiful day (if you think it is)

Why? Because thoughts have power. We have thousands upon thousands of thoughts a day, that's a lot of power and energy. Sadly for many the majority of these thoughts are negative and repetitive. 

Whether sceptic or not in the power of thought, whether you think it's just mumbo jumbo, airy fairy - You will, You do, create and experience your consistent thoughts. I cannot emphasise enough the importance and power of this simple universal law. Proven over and over again.

If you want to change your life - you have to change your thoughts.

  • Thinking I'll never find real love - will not lead you to it,
  • Thinking I'll never succeed - will not bring success,
  • Thinking your useless, ugly, hopeless - will never bring self-acceptance, self-worth and self-love,
  • Thinking of and dwelling on your past and pain - will never give you the freedom and peace of now and the ability to move forward with love and joy.

Those that live a magnificent life doing what they love and loving what they do are not "luckier" than you or I. They simply choose to think thoughts that bring them joy, that inspire them, that motivate them into action, that build belief in themselves and whatever their creating or pursuing. 
These people DON’T wake up and think "it's going to be a crappy day or I'll never be able to......, or why me". Nor do they go over and over every miserable experience from their past.

They wake up with;

  • A smile
  • Joy and excitement in the possibilities of the day ahead,
  • They create, they plan, they believe they can and then they do,
  • They embrace the joy in each moment and see all the goodness, hope and opportunity that surrounds them,

They see through eyes of gratitude, inspiration, determination, self-belief and self-love.

Life still has its challenges for them but they choose to think of solutions, they seek help and guidance. They live authenticity, free from the pitfalls of worrying about what everyone else will think or say.

Dear reader if you’re struggling; You can change your life in an instant, once you become aware of your thoughts and choose to change the ones that don't serve you. You will know which ones they are because they are the ones that make you feel; uneasy, unmotivated, unloving, unlovable, under-appreciated, unwilling and unable. And stuck.

Become aware of your NRT's (negative repetitive thoughts) and replace them with ones that will help you move forward with hope and joy. 

Here's a thought, just think how much your life experience will improve if you change your thoughts for the better. It’s just one good repetitive thought away. Take hold of a good one now and think it daily, with a smile. Then take action!

To be clear and specific; so as to not leave you up in the air, thinking “that's all very well and good but how?”

  • Be realistic but push yourself, you'll have to step out of your comfort zone. 
  • Start with something simple (especially if your new to this whole concept). My first affirmation (positive, helpful, repetitive thought) when I was desperately trying to build belief, was simply: "Every minute of every day - my life gets better in every way"
  • Start to notice and acknowledge what's great in your life, focus on that,
  • Be kind to yourself and remember consistency is the key, it took you a long time to build the beliefs and thoughts you have, so don't beat yourself up if you revert - just start again!
  • When you come across a problem; leave the I cant’s and why me’s behind and replace them with how can I? Then research and find your answer, ask for help, look to the experts. Believe you will find your answer as you look. (check out the references and resources page, your local library, or google your problem or question and see what comes up and what feels right for you - trust your intuition) 
  • Pin up a simple affirmation or quote to read daily. Something that motivates and inspires you. Pin up your new thought.

When it comes to our thoughts we all have the same opportunity, because our thoughts are the one thing we have 100% control of!

I hope you wake up with a beautiful smile in the morning – because you can!

› That's a lot of power and energy!