Stuck in the Mud

I visited a temple down south with a girlfriend of mine, We went there purely to work on a business project in an environment that was both beautiful and peaceful.

As we sat on the bank discussing our notes we were both mesmerised at the site before us.

The pond at our feet was covered in lotus flowers.

They were magnificent.

Truly natures eye candy.

Have you ever seen a lotus flower?

They are considered one of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

And known as a spiritual symbol of growth.

But what many don't know is that they grow in mud.

In fact without mud, they wouldn't grow at all.

The beautiful point to this story is that so many of us are surrounded by mud.

Lots of mud. Emotional mud, family mud, relationship mud, business mud.

Many are stuck in the mud.

But out of the mud can grow the most beautiful flower.

There will always be mud but you can choose to rise up and blossom into the beautiful person you truly are.

One of natures beautiful lessons!

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