Stella & Ellsie

A beautiful legacy!

When my grandmother was alive, she had a wonderful friend, Stella.

These two gals were full of life, wisdom, experience and fun. Although their bodies became frail, their minds were agile and sharp as a tack. They were always hopeful, helpful, positive, productive and happy.

My grandma passed away just after turning 81. She truly was a beautiful, strong, intelligent women. Her friend Stella was already well into her 80's. Stella would happily travel around by bus, have tea out with the girls, go shopping and listen merrily to the poems and stories my grandma used to write and tell, and of-course share her own. All with a smile.

Both of these women had numerous physical ailments, suffered from the loss of their life long partners and were not short in experiences of hard times over the 8 decades of their lives. But it didn't stop them from smiling and participating in life.

They are a wonderful example of personal resilience, truly living, loving and embracing life to the fullest. While so many half their age feel defeated, overwhelmed or complain - too tired, too sore, too hard, can't, won't; they were out living and loving it, with what they were blessed with.

Just after my grandma passed away Stella gave me her beautiful puzzle picture (image above) then she flew back to England, her home, to be with her family and friends. We received a video not long after she returned to England from her son, skydiving for her 90th birthday celebration! I don't know if she's still alive today but each time I look at her picture it reminds me of what a great example they both were, then I smile feeling blessed to have known both of them. If you look closely at the picture you will see the love heart, beautiful swans and a lion lying next to a lamb and you'll gain an overall sense of tranquillity, peace and beauty. I proudly keep this picture on my wall because it reminds me of a beautiful legacy and two beautiful souls.

Imagine looking at your own picture or an heirloom, then ask yourself what sort of memory will it conjure up? Will you leave a legacy for your children, family, friends or community that is positive, uplifting, inspiring and encouraging?

Don't get stuck dwelling on the thought but take note and live each moment from this day forward with joy and gratitude. Embracing what you have and what you can do to change the things you’re not so thrilled about, instead of focusing on all that seems wrong and all that you don't have or the shoulda, coulda, woulda sisters. Then you too will automatically leave a positive imprint and legacy of love and inspiration for those who have had the privilege of knowing you and being part of your world.

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