Spring has Sprung!

It's magnificent! Use it to grow!

BLOG by Karen Offord

1st September 2015

Personally I think every season has its beauty and benefit, but there's something extra special about spring it's very name evokes thoughts of action, energy, lift, joy and playfulness. 

Spring is that time of year when we all come out of our cocoons & get busy; cleaning and doing. In the garden, our homes, with projects we've put off, outings and exercise. But how many of us spring clean our minds? 

Taking a good look (inventory if you like) of the state of our minds.

Our garages, wardrobes, spare rooms, spare tyres (sorry waist lines) build up with 'unwanted or at least unneeded things and excess, and so do our minds. One little thought taken on board could have grown into something that now holds you back, keeps you in fear or stuck in a negative thought pattern about a particular person, thing or even about yourself.

So this spring as you head into the first week-end with energy, excitement and rubber gloves take a little bit of time out. Find a nice quiet spot to think about your thoughts. Take a pen and notepad with you and dive in deep into the clutter and unnecessary thoughts that linger in your mind, trouble you and don’t bring you joy.

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