To those who are struggling,
My words of love to you...

Sometimes in this life you have to fight for yourself,
When you feel so low, beaten down, lost, scared or alone, you have to fight for yourself, will yourself to get back up, to move forward & keep going.

Sometimes in this life when all seems lost you are all you’ve got. You can be your greatest critic, judge & jury or your greatest friend, teacher & cheerleader.

Be kind to yourself.

Always remember you are in control of your thoughts, you are the creator of your life. Your experience in this world is a reflection of your thoughts, focus, beliefs & actions. You can allow negative thinking & unhelpful thoughts to flood your mind & take you further down into despair, helplessness or hopelessness or you can stand up & sing as loud as you can ‘this is my fight song, take back my life song’

Feel the power, energy & your heart beat & know that you can. 

Read all the self help books you can, affirm your beautiful words & affirmations of positivity, hope & inspiration (stick them up where you’ll see them everyday; morning, noon & night) invest in yourself, practise self-care, learn, grow, surround yourself with like minded beautiful people that empower you, encourage you, support you & cheer you on to becoming your best self, to bringing your dreams to life & creating a life you love.

But remember sometimes you have to fight for yourself & will yourself with every bit of energy you have to get up, to muster all the courage you can, to bring yourself back from the painful deep thoughts & darkness we allow our minds to take us to. To believe what’s already there & true in your heart, what your higher self whispers to you every day - I love you, you are beautiful, you are worthy, you are capable, you are magnificent. 

Know this is the absolute truth, you are.

We can have all the support in the world but we must choose to believe, pursue & take action, no one can ever do this work for you. But if you struggle there are many that can guide you, give you the tools, resources & support you need, so please seek them out. Don’t struggle alone, you deserve to free yourself, you deserve to live a magnificent life. In this day & age no one should have to suffer in silence, there is help available everywhere, but first we must choose to seek it. Choose to believe we are meant to be here, to shine our light, share our gifts (knowing that we each have beautiful unique gifts), give & receive love & embrace, cherish & contribute in this amazing journey we call life. Our magnificent journey of a lifetime.

The Love the Life You Live Coach, Counsellor & Author.

I’m so passionate about helping women stand tall, take back their lives & become who they truly are, were meant to be, this is my work & a major part of my life's journey.

With credit to the beautiful Rachel Platten - you can find her via this link

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