Sometimes the world of PD
can seem a little serious!

There's always lots of information, things to learn, try, apply and do. Thoughts and questions to inspire, raise our awareness, face our fears, work through our problems, discover our passion and who we truly are. So that we fully LIVE, LOVE and EMBRACE (while we learn) the amazing (often challenging) journey we're on.

In light of that some of the posts and what you'll find throughout our page may not seem like PD. You may see them and wonder "How is this helping me to grow? How is this Personal Development?"
The truth is some of these posts are meant to just make you smile, feel good, think about things that are positive and fun and in turn raise your energy vibration. Love, joy and gratitude being the highest of all energy vibrations. This higher energy, experienced on a consistant basis will have a profound impact on your state of being, your mindset and hence your Personal Development.

When you feel lighter, brighter, happier, peaceful, inspired and uplifted you feel more alive, you think better, make better choices, experience hope and possibility and are more inclined to read the heavier material, the deeper lessons, resources and guidance and put into place the things that will sky rocket your Personal Development - the inner work we must do to really progress.

So if you see a post and think what's this got to do with PD! Remember even the seemingly simplest of things; a smile, a laugh, gratitude, a good thought, some fun and not taking things so seriously is all part of the process of your PD journey. Leading you into a life full of love, joy and meaning and discovering your beautiful, authentic self. And that's what PD is all about!

Just for fun; this is a little collage of me not taking things so seriously and enjoying the moment and the people I'm with xxx

Feel free to share your own.

› Sometimes in the world of PD it can seem a little serious