Sometimes Nothing is Something

BLOG by Karen Offord

20th April 2015

To write a successful blog I studied, read and was told from many of the expert bloggers I follow, and coaches:

- Write as much as possible, as often as possible. I did, I have, I love it. 

But this weekend I had nothing?

No matter what I looked at, old posts, half-finished posts, folders upon folders of inspiration - there was no inspiration? No gut feeling that said YES! this is your topic today. Just a calm emptiness. Till time ticked on and I seriously, still had nothing. Nothing was coming to mind except the dreaded thought "you've got nothing" (as if I needed to remind myself.)

A little moment of panic kicked in. Not good I thought to myself, this hasn't happened before? Followed by Thoughts of "You wish to do this for years, for your life. Writing is your dream, your passion, writing helpful information for others is what you love. Not good if you have nothing to share".

Still nothing...

Now although this post talks about having 'nothing to talk about' I drew on all the skills I have and tools I've shared through various mediums to remind myself and you (dear reader) that there are moments when you feel you've got nothing. Nothing to say, no answer. Be it a problem to solve, a response or reply to someone, a big decision or something to write. For me I guess I had my first taste of writers block.

Non-the-less I can happily add its ok. Phew!

It's very easy to fall into fear, panic and over catastrophe sizing. For e.g. I can't do this, this always happens, I should quit, I'm no good, it's no use.

So the best thing to do, so you don't beat yourself up, feel defeated or incapable is simply:

Take a breather, maybe you need a little time off, a little time to relax, to stop thinking.

 - Take a bubble bath, enjoy the silence
 - Meditate on nothing but your breath
 - Read that book you've been planning to read
 - Watch that DVD you bought, that's still unopened.
 - Have an early night! Snuggle up to your pillow and drift off to sleep. You shouldn't have any trouble because there's nothing on your mind.

Do nothing...

Sure enough you'll be back in no time refreshed and ready to write, solve, create or whatever it is you normally love to do! 

As for me I decided to have an early night and switch off, it was lovely. Drifting off to sleep I reminded myself of Anthony Robbins wonderful quote "Our lives are not a result of things we do sometimes, but the things we do on a consistent basis."

Enjoy your evening doing something or nothing (sometimes nothing is something and it's just what you need.

May all your dreams come true even if you can't think of them right now, you will!


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