Not from illness, pain or strain but from pure excitement of what I know is true & possible for all of us. Truly my insides bubble up so much it causes me the weirdest little pain.

You see I’ve been down the path of pain, of self-sabotage of self-loathing, of not believing in myself or seeing myself for who I truly am. It’s not fun & that my friends can cause horrible pain, physically and emotionally. It can be anything from headaches, body aches to debilitation & depression. It hurts. Now the pain or ‘insides hurting’ that I mentioned above is like the pain you might feel after an awesome workout or a big hike, it actually feels good & lets you know your alive & feeling life to its fullest. It’s like sometimes my body can’t keep up with my mind & all the things I want to share, do, create & bring into being!

What I’d like you to know most of all from this post is that you need to take notice of what your body & your mind are trying to tell you. It’s sending you messages, signs & signals every day. We just have to notice them & act accordingly. It might be telling you to slow down, have a rest, take action, face something, focus more on something, be kinder to yourself, reach out, ask for help, get something looked at, go see that person, start that thing, be vulnerable, be honest, be you. In my case above it reminds me to stop & go into meditation, to quiet my mind & remember that it’s happening - I’m sharing, planning, preparing every day taking action towards my goals & life purpose & in good time each thing will get done & come into being because I take action every day.

It’s no secret that we each create our life experience by what we focus on, by what we give our attention to and by what we feed our minds with everyday. What’s really cool (& what gets me really excited) is that no matter what you’ve faced, experienced or done in the past - everything can change from this moment on, if you allow it. If you decide to say that’s it, I’m ready, I’m open, I’m willing, I can, I’m listening, I’m going to make it happen!

I’ve shared many posts on creating a life you love, on simple things you can do now to improve the quality of your life, on asking great questions that will empower you & help you move forward & you can find them all via my blog page, but the greatest thing I want to share with you now, is that you have a choice, you get to choose! You are just as capable as every one else on the planet who we see as successful, beautiful, inspiring & living a life you may only dream of at the moment. You better believe it my friend because it’s so true & I’m getting super charged up now as I write this because I know what’s possible, not only through my studies & accreditation’s but just from my very own experience. Plus I’ve seen & been part of some of the most amazing, inspiring transformations. And there’s not a single person on the planet that can’t make their life so beautiful, so inspiring, so rewarding because you, like me, like all the Guru’s & super stars we look up to have all that you need already within you. We just need to be open to hear the messages (as I shared in a post about learning to tune into your higher self). But in saying that it’s already there, sometimes we just need direction, a place to start until we can into the power & potential of our own minds.

So don’t waste time moaning, groaning, believing you can’t, it’s hopeless, helpless, if only, but when, if I was or had... I could but I don’t, it’s ok for others, I don’t have the money, the time, the ability.

Your mind & your body are telling you what you can do, must do to create the life you were born to live, the life you truly desire, the life deep down you know is possible for you.

Are you listening?

Are you open and ready to take the necessary action?

If your unsure of where or how to start, I welcome you to contact me at to schedule in a free discovery call & together we can make it happen.

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