searching for Happiness

In all the wrong places...

I thought I'd share with you a ancient story...

When the creator made man, he showered each child with the greatest gift - a treasure of happiness.

But Gods children did not appreciate their treasure and this saddened the heart of the Creator.

Calling a conference of the angels, the Creator asked them "What could we do to show our precious children the value of this gift?"

One angel thought for a while then suggested, "Let us hide happiness. So your children will have a longing to be happy but they will have to seek it and search to find it. Then they will value happiness".

"Where should we hide it?" asked the Creator.

"In the very depths of the ocean" suggested one angel.

"They would dive deep below the sea to retrieve it," replied the Creator.

"On top of the highest mountain" said another.

"They would climb up and discover it" replied the Creator.

"Lets bury it deep in the ground" suggested another angel.

"They would dig down and unearth it" replied the Creator.

And so the discussion went on late into the night.

One idea after another was rejected, until the youngest angel, shyly raised his hand.

"What is your suggestion young one?" asked the Creator.

Beaming with a mischievous grin, he said,

"Let's hide it inside them, they'll never think to look there".

So many people search for happiness; believing something new will make them happy, somewhere new, even someone new. Everything outside of themselves. But to no avail. As we navigate our way through life, spending so much time stuck in the past with doubts and fears coming at us from all sides, mixed with the pressures, obligations and busyness of life, we smile less and don't notice or experience the joy of life, the happiness inherant in us all. We find new ways to sabotage our happiness and a vicious, often illusive cycle is born.

We have forgotten we are the master of our minds. With a little extra thought and mindfulness we can experience a world of joy.

It all begins with living consciously in the present moment, being aware of your thoughts and the knowledge that happiness is truly an inside job. It is a state of mind. Which we have control over. Meaning we can choose to be happy - even for no reason at all - just choosing to be happy. To feel good, alive and joyful. 

If that all sounds well and good but you're thinking how? Here's a few good ideas to release your inner joy and feel a whole lot happier.

  1. Take some time to really think about the things that you enjoy. What comes to mind? Does it make you smile just thinking about it? Do more of it.
  2. Start to really notice the simple things and experiences in life; smiles, hugs, a beautiful flower, nature in all its forms, a magnificent building, sunset (the list is endless). As they say "stop and smell the roses" We should all take more time noticing all the beauty and joy that surrounds us.
  3. Get in touch with who you are. The more you can embrace, accept, forgive and love yourself, the happier you will become. Our self-doubt, self-attacks and lack of self-worth and self-love cause so much of our unhappiness. If we are to improve the quality of our lives, and experience the happiness we desire we must fall in love with the one we see in the mirror everyday. Self-love opens the door to happiness. My 'Celebrating You - Awaken Your Best Self' E-Course is a great place to start.
  4. Be mindful about the company you keep. Negativity spreads like a virus. Surround yourself with positive, happy people and watch how much you start to grow and shine.
  5. Get physical! Take a walk in nature, get moving and activate those little happy endorphines!
  6. Feed your mind daily with positive, growth promoting, inspiring and uplifting information. Personal Development books, uplifting music, positive blog posts, podcasts, affirmations and quotes.
  7. Have a Positive Journal. A place to write your happy, positive thoughts like;
  • Gratitude. Write down daily what your grateful for. It is an instant mood lifter. Check out my 30 day Gratitude challenge.
  • Write down any moments throughout your week that made you smile and feel good.
  • Acknowledge your accomplishments. Don't be shy, this journal is just for you. Write down how great you went at work, in that meeting, the yummy dinner you prepared, your brilliant negotiating skills, parenting skills, listening skills, commitment and dedication to (fill in the blank) - it doesn't matter how big or small it is, if it made you feel good and you achieved a positive result - write it down and be your own cheerleader!
  • Add in any beautiful, uplifting quotes you see throughout your week.
  • Add in any beautiful compliments you received throughout your day or week.
  • Make this journal your very own personal, inspirational, uplifting book - one that each time you open it will make you smile and feel fabulous!

Take control of your life, your happiness and know you have the power to do so! 

This is your life; don't waste a minute of it unhappy, unfulfilled or struggling. You deserve to live an abundant, happy life and you absolutely can!

Celebrating You - Awaken Your Best Self - An online E-Course for Women

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