Relationship Health Checklist

I hope you ticked most, if not all of the boxes.

This is all part of what a loving, passionate, joyful relationship should be like. For many people it is a beautiful reality, but unfortunately for many others, it is only a wish.

I'm sure you already know that relationships are truly one of the great blessings in life, they are the reason for our greatest joy, but they are also the reason for our greatest pain. The great news is there is always hope, always room to change, grow and improve so that your relationship is magnificent! The kind of relationship you truly desire and deserve.

Our very existence as humans is to give and receive love; fully, joyfully, unconditionally. This is a journey we are all on and learning every single day.

But It takes effort, no question there!

To really experience the kind of relationships we all desire and deserve and to be able to give and receive love fully, joyfully, unconditionally, we have to be willing to look at ourselves.

We have to do 'the work' and see what we can do better, how we can live better, love better, give better. In our relationships we must look at how we can implement fun, passion, spontaneity and a deeper love and connection. Because everything begins with you and as you grow, your partner (well actually all those around you) will feel your beautiful new energy and that's when beautiful shifts takes place in our relationships and our lives.

Now I have to add that it won't happen overnight, it requires patience, persistence, consistency and determination but these are all qualities that every one of us posses already.

I always say the greater relationship you have with yourself the greater the relationship you will experience with others.

So I encourage you if you didn't tick all the boxes; take action, take the initiative (don't wait until 'when he does' or 'she does - I will', Start today! And begin living with more love and more joy.

If you did tick all the boxes that's fantastic and I say keep rockin it!