Personal Development for Life is about:

BLOG by Karen Offord

26th July 2015

Growing every day, even if some days it's only just a little bit!

2mm shifts in your thinking and actions can make a massive difference to the direction your life takes over time.

PD for Life is also about:

- Loving the life you live now (finding everything that's already great and acknowledging gratitude for it)
- Changing what you can control if it's not how you want it to be
- Changing your mindset on the things outside of your control
- Creating the future you desire n deserve
- Learning and discovering who you truly are, what your passionate about and what inspires you
- Forgiving, embracing, accepting and loving you - for the wonderful person you are. Becoming the authentic, beautiful, brilliant, happy, capable person that exists in every one of us.

It's about giving and sharing your gifts and who you are with others, and...
It's about being inspired! And becoming an inspiration for others.

I recently posted a video by Mastin Kipp, who beautifully explained how to inspire and make others happy. I hope you got a chance to watch, but the biggest take away from that video is before you can inspire others or make others happy YOU have to be inspired, you have to get happy.

How do you do that? Personal Development for Life! A continual practise of growth, of gratitude, self-belief, self-love and never giving up.

As you grow you may not even realise the impact you have on others, but it's there because people see it, they feel it in your energy and your presence.

As a counsellor and coach people inspire me every day, in their strength and determination, their triumphs, their experiences, their personal messages, sometimes just by showing up. Many just don't know it.

So here’s to you, your personal development journey and all those who inspire me and don't even know it!

Your family, your friends and your community are blessed by your growth and your presence. To me that is a beautiful gift.

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