Our precious gift

We have this one life, a gift. Precious, real, raw. 
Full of beauty, challenges, heartache, adventure, joy and love. It is often unpredictable, we cannot control many things; like the weather, or other people's words and actions. But there is one thing we can control 100% and that is our choices, our focus, our intention to be all that we can be, to love as much as we can love, give as much as we can give & learn as much as we can learn.
Awareness is the greatest key and gateway to change.
Then comes choice.
Knowing that we choose our destinies, our focus, the directions we take in life and how we ultimately handle any experience that comes our way.
This is our gift, a precious gift.
Our fears and insecurities build up over the years from personal painful experiences, what we allow to dwell in our minds, what we take on-board from the news, the influential people we listen to and the beliefs we hold. They cause us grief, keep us stuck and stagnate.

  • So many are afraid to love, in case it is not returned,
  • So many fear chasing their dreams, in case they fail, worrying what others may say,
  • So many are afraid to let go, in case they miss out or lose even more,
  • So many afraid to express themselves, be who they truly are in fear of rejection.

Mother Theresa taught.... "Honesty & transparency make you vulnerable, be honest and transparent anyway. 

What is this life if we cannot be who we truly are, if we do not give as much as we are capable of giving; love as much as we are capable of loving. If we hold back because of our fears; it is just an existence.

All that we do, think and become is a product of our thoughts, our choices

I know that you can overcome anything, I know what you're already capable of, that is my gift; knowing and seeing what many cannot see in themselves. I have seen people in their darkest hour unable to fathom or believe they can bounce back or move forward (I was once there too), but I have been blessed to watch or be a part of their glorious rise from the ashes to accomplish great things they once never believed possible.

I believe in the immense, innate power of people to create a life they love, an inspired life and to become their most beautiful authentic self. Free from the pitfalls and chains that bound so many in fear. This is my lifelong journey, to share with you and as many people as I can what is possible.

We were born into this world to give and receive love, to learn, grow, share and contribute. In each of our unique journeys we have something special to offer, to share; so we can all grow, rise above adversity, embrace all that is good and love and support each other to be the very best that we can be.