Now is the Time!

Now is the time to start believing in yourself, getting to know the real you. 

Learning how to tune in, listen and hear your inner voice. That inner, loving guidance (also known as intuition or your higher self).

Now is the time to stop beating yourself up for things that have happened in your past, other people's actions, or the decision you have made.

Now is the time to forgive yourself, and let go of all that doesn't serve you. Keep only the lessons learnt, so you can move forward with your new knowledge and joy.

Now is the time to find something to be grateful for. There will always be something, even if you start with simply smiling right now, because you made it through. You are now wiser and stronger and can move forward in a more positive direction. 

"No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again" Buddha

We can never change our past, we can only change the way we feel about it.

If not now... when?

An excerpt from my book 'Dare to Dream - Your Journey of A Lifetime'

Available in paper back and Kindle.