NOW is the place to be!

It's not hard to get stuck in the past
It's not hard to go into overload
It's not hard to get stuck in a negative, fearful thought 
It's not hard to feel low
It's not hard to feel like your the odd one out
It's not hard to think things are tougher for you
It's not hard to put yourself down
It's not hard to let your life slip by till one day you wake up and wonder where it went and what you did with it.

What's hard is trying to live a happy life doing so many of these not hard things to do.

Be in the present moment as often as you can because that's where amazing things happen, where change takes place, where you can create, dream, believe and do. And where you can just be, you.

And those not so hard things you used to do will eventually be harder to do.

It may seem hard to change
It may seem hard to start believing in yourself
It may seem hard to forgive yourself
It may seem hard to embrace and admit your incredible and worthy of greatness
It may seem hard to think "I can, I really can..."

Be present, be real, be you, notice all that is good right now and let gratitude be present in as many moments as you can. And although it may seem hard at first you will soon see how easy it becomes and life will be as it should; full of love, meaning and joy. 

  • Know that you have the power to choose
  • Know that you have control over every thought
  • Know that you can change direction or start fresh at any time
  • Know that you are incredible & worthy of greatness
  • Know that the past is simply that, it cannot change but you can change the way you feel about it.

One step, one moment at a time.

Start living today, in this very moment - your now!

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