A wonderful life lesson inspired from the Dojo

I recently went along to my son’s Dojo to check out the yoga class.

I had been so busy over the last six months that I wanted to find something that was both kind to my body and allowed me to stop. Yoga seemed like the perfect answer.

I'd tried it out on you tube and love the '30 days of yoga with Adrienne' programme, but there's something to be said for actually being in the environment. Having a wonderful Master to keep an eye on you, instruct you so you get the most out of your session and treat your body with the respect and kindness it deserves. And most importantly to not do yourself an injury. Master Karl quietly pointing out; on YouTube they can't talk back, they can't see how you’re doing.

So firstly I thank Master Karl for allowing me to come along and check it out. I hid at the back of the class, which I thought was smart even though there were massive mirrors. Until half way through we all faced the other way (darn it).

During this class I was reminded of one of life's beautiful lessons, persistence. You see while I was following along trying to do a certain stretch (not particularly glamorously or coordinated, Master Karl gently pointed out how I should be doing the move. It went something like this:

  • Hold your calf, yep
  • Stretch your leg out,
  • But sit up straight,
  • Smile,
  • & don't forget to breath,

All in a matter of seconds

So what's the life lesson?

Well I know sometimes it can seem overwhelming when you’re trying to learn something new. Do this, do that, don't forget this, don't forget that. It's easy to want to throw it in.

We can easily find ourselves going down the path of ‘omg’ how can I remember all that - and enjoy it in the process. Thoughts of quitting, it's too hard easily pop into your mind.

BUT the secret lies in repetition, consistency and PERSISTENCE.

The life lesson came in the form of an analogy of driving. When your first learning you may remember the constant instruction of;

  • Check your mirrors,
  • Put your seat belt on,
  • Check your mirrors again,
  • Put your indicator on,
  • Check your blind spot,
  • Move out from the kerb,
  • Apply pressure to the accelerator,
  • Check your mirrors,
  • Breath, enjoy; you're driving now. This is awesome and brings freedom along with safety.

As time goes on you practise and practise, running through your check-list until the instruction becomes one word - 'drive' or in my case one pose or stretch. It becomes second nature, no one needing to tell you anymore and you enjoy it.

So hang in there, never give up. If you want to do or achieve something remember; repetition, consistency and persistence. This is the basis for a healthy personal development practise for life. Growing, learning, improving yourself and ultimately the life you experience every single day. Little bit by little bit it becomes second nature and you truly enjoy the benefits that come from persistence and consistency.

Turning a lot of different necessary tasks into one easily accomplished word that becomes easy and enjoyable the more you stick at it.


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