Just show up to the Juicy Goose Cafe!

Half the battle is just showing up!

Through contacts, and big dose of courage via an email, I was able to secure an important business meeting. To present something I'd thought about and wanted to do for some time now.

I was excited! It was a great opportunity; I had plenty of great ideas. Each one carefully thought through, prepared and presentable. I visualised each night leading up to the meeting how it would all unfold, what I'd wear, how I'd present, how much they'd love it, etc.

When we confirmed the time and the meeting place, I laughed to myself.

My big important meeting and presentation was taking place at the juicy goose cafe!

How fun I thought as I shared it with my partner.

The day came; I had my folder and presentation notes and was super excited. It was so hot, I mean super-hot, one of the hottest days yet. Before I'd even left my driveway I had broken out in a terrible sweat (I also had my partner’s car with no air-con!). By the time I arrived I was a mess and thought briefly how can I do this looking like this! Plus I forgot my diary. Deep breathe, calm thought "you got this"

When I walked through the door to meet with these two amazing ladies I had sweat marks all down my lovely clean white shirt. My hair looked like I hadn't washed it for days and just gotten out of a swimming pool.

But I went in, we laughed, we got into it, it went great!

I look forward to sharing my news and what this meeting all meant with you soon,

But for now I just wanted to share; life doesn't always go to plan and unfold exactly in the picturesque imagine we create in our mind. But we show up, with confidence in ourselves, with belief, giving it the best we can, with what we have and where we're at in that moment. Even if we're a ball of sweat and look more like we should be heading to the showers than an important business meeting!

Sometimes you just gotta laugh. And still show up.

If you turn around and walk away, you just never know what could have been...

Fear of what others will think or of being a failure, can stop you in your tracks if you allow it.

Ps This one went great but if it didn't I know I was prepared and would simply learn from the experience and get back out there again!

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