It’s sooooo hot,
It’s sticky, icky & can make you feel blurgh...
But it’s the middle of summer, it’s easy to forget that bit.
That’s how it is here in Oz. We know it, we’re used to it but forget this important fact as we complain & get stuck in an unmotivated, often whingy state.

I imagine the same to be true in colder climates, where it’s freezing, snowing, so very cold, minus temperatures, again finding ourselves complaining & hard to get motivated, even though it’s how it is, we know it & we’re used to it.

So as I wandered around my house today & caught myself thinking (in a miserable, poor me kind of way) how hot it was, as I felt the sweat dripping (urgh) that it is the middle of summer. There’s nothing we/I can do to change that, but we/I can embrace that fact and look at all the positives, channeling good energy, positive thoughts, grateful thoughts & making the most of this time of year and what it has to offer. Things like, fun in the sun (in whatever way tickles your fancy; going to the beach, nature walks, outdoor sports, picnics, visiting places with air conditioning lol). Plus remembering we’re/I’m not alone, everyone else around here is feeling it too. So best make the most of it, unless you enjoy feeling crabby by allowing the conditions around you to bring you down when they’re not so favourable.

Which leads me to one of the things I truly appreciate about life, about seasons and experiences. It’s always providing lessons, reminders to live more consciously, more in the moment, with more joy, more love, embracing the variety of life, if we’re open to seeing it.

As I thought about the heat, summer & in that moment honestly how sticky, icky I was feeling, it reminded me of our PD journey.

Sometimes things don’t feel so great, sometimes the conditions aren’t desirable or how you’d like them to be, sometimes all we require is patience, but no matter what there is always something we can do to work with the things we have no control over, to work with the things that do take time, that are just... well ‘just are’. There are always choices we can make that will improve or change whatever we are facing or feeling.

It is our mindset, our thoughts, our living consciously that makes all the difference.

We can easily complain & stay stuck in that lower vibration, attracting more of the same, bringing about more uneasiness, more drama, more stress, more anger, more feelings of victimisation, helplessness & hopelessness or we can choose to think differently, to raise our energy vibration & truly live embracing the moments, the possibilities, the opportunities & the many ways we can make a difference, we can be happy.

So if, as you travel along in your PD journey you find yourself stuck or focused on how things aren’t so great, remember it is a lifelong journey and there will be times you'll feel low, you'll feel unmotivated, you'll feel like it’s just to hard; that it is a lifelong journey & that you are the only one who can change it. You may not be able to change the exact circumstances in that moment but you can certainly change the way you feel about it and make the most of it. As I often say “ do what you can with what you have from where you are right now”

In that space & frame of mind things do change, look brighter, are more enjoyable. You’ll find yourself able to deal with, work through, break through, appreciate & embrace what ever your facing, what ever the conditions are in that moment. And although the weather, the seasons will always be as they are your choices, your thinking, your actions don’t have to be.

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