Invest in You

The greatest investment you can ever make is in you!

Not only enhancing your life, but also the lives of all those around you. That's a beautiful gift; to yourself, to your loved ones, to the world!

Next time you talk yourself out of taking that: 

  • Much needed nap,
  • Stopping to find a quiet place to read that book,
  • Buy yourself those nice knickers or that wallet you love (or desperately need), 
  • Going to that class,
  • Enrolling in that course,
  • Joining that group,
  • Picking up that hobby you use to love,

Or anything that will make you smile, benefit or enhance your life!

  • Being kind to yourself,
  • Giving yourself a treat,
  • Increasing your knowledge or self-awareness,
  • Or simply taking a break,

Remember; The greatest investment you can ever make is in You!

We often put ourselves last, because well; there's so much to do. Other things, other people, commitments and obligations are more important and if there's anything (or any time) left, just maybe you might indulge yourself (if guilt doesn't then jump in and stop you).

When your depleted, neglected, exhausted you cannot give your best. Even if your intention is good.

When your feeling more relaxed, more alive, happy, fulfilled, growing - your beautiful new energy and presence will naturally influence and enhance the lives of all those around you.

When you give to yourself, you can then easily, happily give to others.

I encourage you to encourage those you love to do the same!

Take the time to invest in you, because you're worth it and so is everyone around you.

Everyone will be much better for it!

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