Inspiration from
"Jerry McGuire"

To begin; I love to write, I mean loooove it. I believe it's therapeutic and in so many ways enjoyable.

We can write to ourselves, someone in particular (friend, family member or lover) or just write what's on our minds and in our hearts...

We can write about our thoughts, feelings, gratitude's, our dreams and desires. We can write about a cause, something we're passionate about, a plan, our story, to do lists, strategy lists, the list of what we can put pen to paper is endless.

So what does Jerry McGuire have to do with it?

Well, in the movie 'Jerry's' whole life changed when he decided to speak up! To stand up for what he believed in, what he thought was right. He wanted to do things differently. So he wrote himself a mission statement!

Now I know it's just a movie and honestly I watched it such a long time ago, but recently I came across the mission statement I wrote many years ago after watching that movie. Now this wasn't (in this case) me just putting pen to paper, I researched what a 'mission statement' actually was and what it meant and then I found a wonderful resource, a website that took me through the process with great questions and prompts. And thoughtfully emailed me a copy once I'd completed it. Finding it again brought back wonderful memories, reminded me of what I wanted, what I wanted to give to the world and those around me. So today I wanted to share this website - resource with you.

So I welcome you to click on the link here and complete your own mission statement. Give yourself a good half an hour and be prepared to think, dig deep and explore what is really important to you.

I found it most enjoyable and I hope that you do too!

For those of you that take up the challenge I'd love to hear how you went! So feel free to send me a message and share your experience!

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