I have one of the most privileged jobs
in the world!

I see what's possible for people and what they're truly capable of and then I get to share it with them!

I believe in them often long before they do and I get really excited when they start to see it in themselves.

The transformations are amazing and reinforce why I love what I do.

As a relationship coach and counsellor I see a lot of individuals and couples. From all walks of life, with all sorts of presenting problems and underlying issues. Every one of them is an inspiration just for showing up, sharing and being willing to face their pain and fear. These are beautiful, intelligent people who have just become stuck in some form of pain or fear.

My job is to help them breakthrough and move forward into the life that truly lights them up and allows them to experience the love, joy and passion they desire and deserve.

In this day and age no one should have to struggle or suffer in silence.

Each one of us is capable of living an extraordinary life, no matter what obstacles we face or where we’ve come from. Sometimes we just need direction, a place to start until we can tap into the power and potential of our own minds.


Below is a list with links to some of my favourite and most valuable blog posts and pages, to help you if you're feeling stuck or unsure.

Simple things you can do now to love the life you live!

Don't Dabble - Do!

Personal Resilience - and why you need it now!

Never underestimate the power of simplicity and consistent little actions!

What are you grateful for today?

Personal Development for Life's R & R

Inspiring Videos

But I am only a contact form away, if you'd like to discuss how coaching or counselling can help you move forward into the life that truly lights you up and gives you the love, meaning and joy you know you deserve!