I Know What You're Capable Of... Sincerely

BLOG by Karen Offord

19th March 2015

"The greatest discovery of the 19th century was not in the realm of the physical sciences but the power of the subconscious mind touched by faith. Any individual can tap into an eternal reservoir of power that will enable them to overcome any problem that may arise. All weaknesses can be overcome, bodily healing, financial independence, spiritual awakening and prosperity beyond your wildest dreams. This is the super structure of happiness"

William James, Harvard Psychologist

No matter what you face in this life there is an answer, a hope, a tool, a resource, some information to help you break through, break free, solve, achieve, accept, embrace, enjoy, and move forward positively and productively. Too many people suffer needlessly. Many feel or believe there is no hope, no solution. Nothing can or will ever change for the better. And so it never does. Others just don't know where to start, overwhelmed with life's demands and the emotions of doubt, worry or fear. They never experience long term; true freedom, love, joy and fulfilment. Merely fleeting moments of bliss and distraction till their attention (by repetitive thought and consistent focus) drags them back to the depths and chains of doubt, pain and fear.

As an author and professional counsellor it is my job, my goal, my honour to help facilitate positive changes in people's lives. Because I know what's possible, I know what they’re capable of.

Personal development for life is my passion. It is, as it states 'for life'. A continual practise of growth. Moving toward greater love, joy and fulfilment, while embracing, acknowledging and focusing on all things good and the beauty that surrounds your life already, in this very moment, and each moment that follows. 

Tony Robbins reminds us that "Our lives are not a result of things we do sometimes, but the things we do on a consistent basis." We all experience moments when we feel down, defeated, confused, exhausted, sad or angry but the more consistently you focus on gratitude and hold the belief that there is an answer to any question or issue you face, the less you experience the not so favourable moods, emotions and feelings mentioned above.

You can live the life you desire and deserve; full of love, joy and meaning - if you believe you can, if you look and if you take action - consistently.

It all starts and ends with you and your state of mind, but you can draw on the limitless resources available to help you get there.

I know what you’re capable of, sincerely. Do you?

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