Bringing Affirmations to Life

Inspirational and motivational quotes are everywhere! 
You can't scroll to far down your Facebook feed without seeing one,
We share them and we love them!

These inspiring quotes, often by people we look up to and admire are very ofteaffirmations!

Statements of what is or what will be (or what we'd like to be!). There are thousands of books and videos on the power of affirmations, they really do get a lot of air time, but unfortunately it's not all good.

I believe and can definitely confirm from experience thaaffirmations are amazing and powerful, but sadly, sometimes they get a bad rap. Why? Because people say or think "I say all these good things, I believe them – but nothing happens! I affirm I want to be happy, I want to find love, I want more passion in my relationship, I want more money, a better job, peace of mind & all these good things; but nothing happens.

So I'd like to share something very important with you.

Affirmations in all honestly are just nice words – they can pick you up & make you feel good but to really experience their power we need to take it to the next level!

I like to call these Affirmactions!

Because you can say or read nice words (affirmations) till the cows come home but if you don’t take action, integrate them and do things that bring the affirmation to life (those nice words) then they will just remain ‘nice words’

This is where many people get despondent, down, give up or even start to feel negative about them and think there a joke and waste of time.

So I’d like to share my take on affirmations, which now you know is affirmactions, and how powerful they can be.

To begin, I share a lot (my quote about quotes) “If you see a quote that really inspires and resonates with you, don’t just smile and scroll past – print it out – pin it up - where you see it every day.
Where it can really start to fill your mind, change your focus and transform your thoughts, because you will feel what you focus on. So you want to see it every day.

We all know life gets really busy it's easy to forget and get focused on all of life's obligations. Taking care of our kids, partners, work, business, bills, extended family, commitments, cleaning, self-care the list goes on. It's a very busy life we lead! So we want to make these beautiful shifts in thought (these affirmations) as easy as possible to remember. So I encourage you; if you see one you love, that really moves you, pin it up so you'll see it every day.

Just to give you a little background information, this all began for me many years ago.
My first affirmation was "Joy is a choice, each morning you wake up you choose, choose Joy."
It was a time when I hated my life, everything was crap, everything was going wrong. I was getting divorced for the second time, I was struggling financially, emotionally and honestly felt I’d ruined my kids’ lives and that I was a complete failure. 
But an amazing teacher said to me "Karen; 
Joy is a choice – each morning you wake up you choose – Choose Joy."

Unbeknown to me at the time; my very first affirmation!. I printed it out and stuck it up on my wardrobe door, so I’d see it every morning, noon and night. To start with I didn’t believe it. I thought what do I have to be joyful about! But I didn't enjoy feeling like crap, I trusted in my teacher and I understood the benefit so I kept seeing it, saying it and taking it in every day.

It made me start to look, think, read and immerse myself in things that where growth promoting, inspiring, I found great resources, information & tools that helped me start to feel that joy. Gratitude being a major one! Daily gratitude. Asking great, helpful questions being another. And ofcourse coming across some amazing VM's; virtual mentors.
Then not long after I wrote my own affirmation, it was simply;
“Every minute of every day my life gets better in every way” 

Because that’s what I wanted to feel and again I didn’t know how and I certainly didn’t feel it back then, but these two very simple affirmations (now affirmactions) lead me to where I am today. I can now honestly say that I truly embrace and love life, I see so much love, joy and beauty. Things that where always there but I hadn't noticed before. Now I wouldn’t say it’s always easy, but to be human is to be challenged and in each challenge, failure, trial, triumph and moment that we can truly embrace the now – with what we can do, with what we’ve got, from where we’re at right now – we start to feel and create that joy and inner peace and the ability to move forward and handle the not so nice things when they come up. Because life can throw some whoppers at us, and some are very traumatic & painful.

Affirmations aren't all about just being fluffy and positive and just going around saying all these nice things and telling ourselves everything will be or is perfect. Life is truly abundant with beauty, joy and love - I mean truly abundant when we really start to look; but the truth is sometimes life is also tough. 

We’ve all experienced things that would shock many of us if we were to share our stories and experiences and be brutally honest sharing what we’ve experienced, how we felt in those darkest nights of the soul and all our fears that we hold onto. But this is where our focus comes into play, our ability to get back up, to embrace our experiences, learn from them and move forward and to start to notice all that is beautiful and all that we are truly capable of.

So I encourage you to feed your mind every day with these beautiful quotes, affirmations and images that inspire, motivate and make you feel great and alive! Because that’s where you’re going to retrain your mind and be able to get back up and keep going. Otherwise the busyness of life takes over and it can, if you're not aware start to really drag you down and cause you; as it has too many people, years of suffering. I know, I’ve been there. I tortured myself daily for years and I look back now and think wow I really gave it to myself good, didn’t have to do that. But I am grateful because it really helped me to grow and I’m able to share those experiences and the hope that hey if I can – you can! And this is how...

This is your life, don't waste a minute of it unhappy, unfulfilled or struggling.

So don't wait, it's incredible how we can start to change our lives in an instant with the simplest of methods.

And one last little point on all your beautiful quotes and inspirational messages and images; they are really reaching out and touching the hearts of others. Your little quote might seem like just a nice quote, a nice thought and you go about your day, but what you may not know is that you’ve changed someone’s day, shifted their focus, given them hope and lifted their spirits, and I think that’s magnificent, so please keep sharing them.

And pin your favourite ones up somewhere you will see them regularly; so they inspire you, motivate you - every single day!

And take action!

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