breaking up with worry

For those of you who know me on Social Media, you'd know that each day I like to share a little quote under the banner of #DailyLove 

One of my most recent #dailylove 's began with "when you go to bed with worry, you wake up with worry"

As I thought a little deeper about this very simple but true statement, it reminded me of a time years ago when "worry" was my constant companion & sleeping buddy. My days were filled with worry, which carried on through to the evening till I climbed into bed with worry right beside me. To discover it worry was right there waiting for me when I woke.

It took me a long time to kick it out of bed, to say no more, I mean really! What good does it do, our worries are all those past & future fears of things we cannot change or things we actually still have the power to change but don't realise or acknowledge it. The past is done, there is nothing we can do about it except, embrace it, learn from it & in many cases laugh at it. Oh what funny humans we are sometimes, so capable & yet we torture ourselves over so much, so much that doesn't serve us & cannot change. All the while standing in the very moment we're in, the present where we can create change, love, embrace, enjoy, & create. We miss so much when we're with worry.

This whole unhappy relationship I had with worry ended when a wise & wonderful spiritual teacher told me "Karen, joy is a choice each morning you wake up, you choose. Choose joy" Now of course there is a little more to the story & my unhealthy relationship with worry but the truth is once I acknowledged I had a choice & actually choose it; Joy, life changed dramatically. My relationship with worry was over, my new found love of Joy began.

Once I began to focus on Joy I saw so much to be joyful for, so much that I could do, achieve & be. It was always there but I was too busy & focused on worry. Worry of how I'd stuffed up (too many things to mention), worry of how I would pay my bills. Would I ever find true love? (worry just didn't cut it, it didn't feel good, I knew it but continued for sometime, as we often do in those unhealthy relationships we know deep down we have to let go of, but hang onto because we worry "what if I don't find anyone else, what if this is all there is, what if this is all I deserve"). My focus on worry also included worrying if I wasn't enough, good enough, pretty enough, what did people really think of me, oh if they only knew how hopeless I was, on & on it continued.

Worry is one of those relationships we have all found ourselves in but one we can learn from & say goodbye, inviting joy in in full force to create a life we love. Learning to be present, to focus on the joy of being alive, the joy of all the possibility, beauty & love that surrounds us, the joy of knowing that no matter what we face there is always hope, always a way, always an answer. That's got to make you smile - because there is nothing in this life we cannot change, remove, fix or work through. With worry none of these things are possible.

Say good bye to worry &  hey don't worry there will still be times when it's close cousin stress pops in, but stress is a whole other story & stress can be good when channelled appropriately, because stress is an invitation to change something, but we'll talk about that in a whole new post.

To joy & creating a life you love.

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