be your own teacher

Do you remember being at school? For some it wasn't that long ago, for others... like me, it was quite some time ago.

Do you remember the teachers you had? Strangely for the amount of time it's been, I do. Some were grumpy and seemingly didn't enjoy what they were doing, so class with them wasn't so great but then there were the teachers that were inspiring, helpful, encouraging. They pushed you enough out of your comfort zone because they believed in you, loved their job and cared about their students. They truly wanted to see them succeed and grow. They were the teachers you listened to, learnt from and enjoyed class with. They were the classes you actually looked forward too going to. So without trying to sound cliche, the world in many ways is like one big school.

We are always learning. The great difference here is that when you leave high school you actually get to choose what you pursue and learn and who you pursue and learn it from.

A couple of the obstacles we face is lack of awareness and forgetfullness.

  • If we're not aware - then nothing can change.
  • If we don't create regular habits or put systems in place to remind us or trigger us - we forget, simply because 'life' takes over. We get so caught up in the day to day obligations that it's easy to forget.

Harold Tzietze author of the wonderful book 'Happyology' says - "teach yourself to be happy",


Glenda, the beautiful 'good witch', from the Wizard of Oz reminded Dorothy 'You always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself"

So I love the concept of BE YOUR OWN TEACHER!

Who better to teach you than the one who knows you completely - YOU!

Anything can be learned or unlearned. When the need or the desire is strong enough. We humans have proven time and time again how brilliant, creative and capable we are!

So here's some Great things to remember as your own teacher

  1. Great teachers are always learning, growing, updating, perfecting, trying, doing. Learn from those who have already been through, triumphed or mastered what you wish to learn. As Socrates wrote: "Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings so that you shall come easily by what others have laboured hard for" 
  2. Learn from your past experiences. What's worked and what hasn't. There are great lessons that can be learnt from both. Don't discount an experience because it may appear to have been a failure or negative. Valuable information lies within these experiences.
  3. Be patient with yourself.
  4. Be kind to yourself.
  5. Be prepared to put in the work.
  6. Celebrate and acknowledge your achievements, great days & great moments.
  7. Develop consistency - create healthy, productive, positive habits. By putting in place structures (journalling, researching, planning in detail - CLARITY is POWER, the more clear & specific you are in what you want the faster your brain will get you there" Anthony Robbins") and triggers (pictures, quotes, reminders) where you'll see them regularly to prompt you.
  8. Find your WHY. Know why your doing or pursuing something, what does it mean to you, your life & your families life?
  9. Practice self care. When you look after yourself not only do you benefit but so do all those around you! For when you're at your best (relaxed, rejuvenated, healthy) - You can give your best!

If you think back to all your past experiences especially your firsts you can see how you learnt to do something or how not to do something. Your first experiences can be the thing that gives you the greatest courage. You did it once - you succeeded, GREAT - so what did you do? How did you do it? or you didn't succeed but your still alive with possibly many years between your 'now' and your 'first' not so great experience with something. Remember no matter how it turned out - your thought about the experience is what will make the biggest impact.

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