Another Year
Same Old, Same Old
Maybe, Maybe Not

BLOG by Karen Offord

2nd January 2015

I woke up on news years day thinking yeehaaa, 2015 here we come. With so many plans, ideas, goals and a new lease on life I was ready for action. Five minutes later (even after my coffee from our wonderful, shiny, new, fancy, but easy to use coffee machine) I was pooped. Without guilt, without feeling defeated only hours into the new year or feeling any less inspired, I thought hmmm tomorrow!. It had been a big week, today I needed to rest, re-charge the batteries and sleep a little because it had also been a rather late night being New Year's Eve and all. The next day I was ready to continue; dream, plan, action! Live, love, laugh and learn!

There are many who recently said "just another year, the same old crap awaits" and even more who quietly believe it and affirm it. I want to encourage you. I'd like you to understand and know that you have 100% control of your thoughts. This simple truth is where your life can change! Where you can begin heading in a direction that is positive, productive and full of hope, joy and love. It is a choice.

It is you who can often make the biggest impact in your life and the lives of those around you! There is nothing more thrilling and inspiring than to hear from those who previously had a negative outlook on life but woke up and realised they control their outlook, they create the life they live and experience. That they can choose to be happy and choose to see the many blessings that surround them already. What was, can be embraced, taking only the lessons learnt. Some of those lessons may simply be 'I won't do that again for it doesn't bring me joy'. Understanding you always have a choice in how you respond, what you focus on and how you handle something is a vital component to shifting into a new more uplifting state of being.

It is that personal awareness, responsibility and accountability that allows one to take control of their thoughts and direction in life.

I encourage you to choose life, choose you, choose to see what can be and what already is magnificent. Rather than choosing (whether consciously or sub-consciously) to stay stuck focused on what (to put it bluntly) sucks! And seemingly remains the same old. The two greatest reasons why this is important is:

1. Your life experience and happiness depends on it. Because the laws of science indisputably show us; your thoughts create your reality, what you look for, you will find.

2. Your children watch and learn, not only by what you say but also what you do - or don't do. As parents we all want to provide and cultivate a life for our children that is full of hope, love and joy. We want to instil positive, productive and beneficial beliefs in them so that they grow unhindered by the heavy burdens, lessons and weight we, as adults often unnecessarily carry around. 

As humans we each possess every possible aspect from fear to love (hate, anger, lack of self-worth to brilliance, creativity, selflessness and unconditional love, just to name a few). You will always find and experience what you focus on. 

Start simply with just one thought, one thing that inspires you and gets you excited. Write it down and pin it up where you'll see it every day. One of my earliest affirmations was "Every minute of every day my life gets better in every way".

You may choose to rest for today, clear your mind, re-charge your batteries and start tomorrow. Just make sure your tomorrow doesn't become another tomorrow but becomes your today. Fill your today with I can, I will, I am worth it and so are all those around me. You choose, no butts.

Get inspired and go create the life you desire and deserve; a life full of joy and love. I welcome you to wander through where you will find an abundance of tools and resources to help you.

May all your dreams come true and may you now wake up each day and think "what magnificent wonders await me today" then go out and create the best day, and hence you will create the best 2015 ever!

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