A vision bigger than ourselves.

We often hear heroic stories and great feats accomplished by everyday people when faced with saving a life, or taking massive action to help or provide for someone they love. Feats that on any other given day would seem impossible or just a nice thought, but the adrenalin, the lack of thought of self to save another, to help another, is far greater than any doubt or fear that may come to mind.

If you ever find yourself dreaming, wanting, doing a little then getting side tracked, only to come back each time and pick up where you left off, in other words dabbling? Then find yourself wondering why you do that, why you can't stay on track, then maybe it's time to look to a vision that's bigger than you for motivation.

The vision to inspire and motivate us when our own personal dreams and wonderful thoughts are not enough motivation to keep going with the consistency and action required to attain them is the vision much bigger than ourselves.

Look into the eyes of your children, your loved ones or the people who your dream is meant to reach and see what it would do for them.

Can you see how your vision can transform the lives of those you love.
Can you see how your vision could bring so much joy and help to the lives of others.
Can you see the bigger picture.

Take a moment and close your eyes to really focus on your goal, your dream. It may be to start a business, take your business to the next level, be happier, healthier, be a better parent or partner, break a habit, start a cause or volunteer, the list is endless.
Notice how it feels, what it means to you.
Sit with it for a moment....
Now take that vision, those feelings and notice how it would effect, change or help those around you, and those it is aimed at.

Use those visions to help you follow through, be, create, do and achieve your goal or dream. Allow it to fill you up with excitement, inspire you, charge your batteries and really motivate you to keep going.

You have a gift to share, a gift that only you can give.

As individuals we can (and we prove it everyday) live with many things as they are. They might not make us do cart wheels but we can exist and go on with just our ideas and dreams in the back of our mind. But when we can tap into the effect and power of what our vision can mean to those we love, those we'd do anything for and those that need what we have to offer, thats a whole new ball game in the area of motivation.

It doesn't make it any easier, there will be work to do, but that bigger vision may be just what you need to help you stay focused, determined and take the consistent action required to see it through.

Of course on the flip side;

Can you see your future, their future if things remain the same... Just a different motivation to take consistent action.

Sometimes all we need is a new way to look at things.

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