A little bit of fun with a whole lot of purpose!

A fabulous way to spend an evening; alone, with your partner, friends or family.

Gather some pens, markers, stickers, highlighters, cardboard, fancy trims, brochures, magazines, cataloges - whatever you fancy!

It's only limited by your imagination.

You can be as elaborate as you like or just grab pen and paper!

Have fun, be silly, create, dream, plan, enjoy :)

So what is a Dream Night?

It's a fun way of exploring, dreaming and creating.

Writing down and sharing in detail all the things you desire and all the things you've wanted or hoped to do. Of course this is unique for all of us and could include:

  • Holiday's to a new car,
  • A clothes dryer to weight loss,
  • Savings to a career change,
  • Starting a hobby or foundation to joining a club,
  • Spending more quality time with your children or partner or 
  • Time spent, relaxing and enjoying your own company.
  • Spending more quality time with your family
  • Or planning romantic moments and day trips with the one you love

Then planning and taking action. 

Set an afternoon or an evening aside, you could even include nibblies or a meal. Book it in advance if you'd like to be more elaborate, to give you time to gather your materials and thoughts. 

So I'm sure you've got the jist of it, but what you're doing here is simply exploring and getting down on paper the things that may have been on your to do list or as you talk and inspire each other (if you share this with a friend or loved one) discovering things that really excite you! Then you simply write it down on a simple note pad or for those who like to get super creative - you're creating what many call a 'vision board'. With your cardboard, magazines, stickers and fancy coloured pens your cutting out, pasting and creating a beautiful big image of your vision, dreams and goals.

Then you plan! Add dates and stepping stones (as noted below). Along with ways to keep you enthusiastic, on target. Example:

 - Sticking your vision board, images, affirmation or note up where you'll see it everyday,

 - Having a support budding to help motivate you and support you on your journey. 

- Adding timeframes, measurements and little treats along the way as you get closer to your goal.

"The Most Important Key to Achieving Great Success is to
decide upon your Goal & Launch, 

Get Started, Take Action, Move". Brian Tracy

Remember; Positive thoughts, ideas and wishes are fantastic and a great start but they won't get very far if there's no vision, no plan, or no consistent action.

Without action dreams dwindle, belief patterns and thoughts of "unattainable, too hard, I can't..." creep in or things just get put to the side as excitement wears off and life's obligations take over.

If you're planning this with your partner it's a fantastic way to really connect, communicate and share your hopes and dreams together. You may be surprised what you learn!

Below is some food for thought and helpful resources for some of those goals that require 'stepping stones'

Stepping Stones being those little consistent steps needed to get you to your end result.

It's not rocket science - but it is a necessity!





If you're excited and choose something that will require a large sum of money (holiday, furniture, new computer, car, (the list in endless) - do your homework. Shop around. Work out a savings plan, specific and tailored to your budget and to the time frame.

*You could put all your change and spare notes in a tin labelled "your goal".

*Open a bank account to have automatic payments transferred straight from your salary.

*Open a specific account you can't touch for a certain period of time.

*If you struggle to save enlist the help of your partner, a trusted family member or friend.

*Look to the experts! Check out Paul Clithero's financial blog.

*There's a fantastic online budget calculator, with plenty of other helpful calculators and financial tips.

If your goal is to be healthier and/or loose weight - become aware of your current habits and daily routines. Take an inventory of what you currently do so you can find ways to implement new habits and routines that will help you stay focused, motivated and moving towards your goal.

* Enlist a support person or exercise buddy to help keep you on track.

*Commit to yourself and find ways to feel great about what your trying to achieve. Walk 4-5 days a week listening to your favourite motivating music (walk & learn - 2 birds-one stone), replace that muffin for fruit, not eating after 8:00pm or shopping when your hungry.

*Google healthy diets and recipes's.

*Check out the Free Get Healthy website or References and Resources for specific area. 

*Visit your doctor or dietician for advice and direction.

*Enlist the help of a nutitionist

If your dream is to start your own business or change your career find out everything you can first.

*What qualifications do you need?

* Where can you study? online, tafe, universities, private colleges.  

* What are the costs?

*Research as much as you can in the field you want to be in or the business you want to set up. Lay the best possible strongest foundation to help you achieve your goal.

Enlist the help of a career coach check out: Skye's the Limit Counselling

Maybe your goal is to spend more quality time with your children or your partner.

*Create a weekly or monthly planner - Set aside time to read or play a game with your children (get them onboard and excited for that special time). Add in a date night with your partner, look forward to it - Plan something simple or grand. Don't foget quality time just for you.

*Be spontaneous and change things around from time to time so it doesn't become a routine.

*Check out Memorable Moments.

Remember; Research, research, research.

When you discover what you want or choose to follow your dream; find out all you can.

The more you know the further you'll go. 

Use positive affirmations and visual reminders to reinforce and remind yourself of what you want and that you can do this!



When we set out minds to do something - if it's important to us - we find a way - it's human nature, we are fantastic creators!

Use that innate ability to create what you desire and to love what you have while your on your way to achieving it.

Make your Dream / your Goal Visual!
Stick up pictures, notes, inspiration, so you see it everyday!

Visual reminders are great for helping us stay on track in such a busy world.

Try incorporating an Imagery Meditation - (COMING SOON) each day. Visualising your goal, the outcome. Using all your senses; From what it looks like to what it feels like.

When we don't seem to be getting where we want to go or achieving what we dream or desire, often it's because there are blockages. Deep seeded thoughts and beliefs sabotaging what we are trying to achieve. Take an inventory - a detailed look into your thoughts, your beliefs; look at them, challenge them. If your unsure speak to a professional who can help you uncover, unblock what might be holding you back.

To give you an example; some of the most loving people I know struggle to find and keep a relationship. Seemingly doing all the right things, open to meeting people but never finding or maintaining long term, loving relationships - the one thing they affirm, focus on and truly desire. Why? Because deep down they don't feel worthy or deserving or they fear being hurt again, so in many ways they sabotage their attempts or give up way to early.

There are so many resources available to help us grow and learn so we can achieve what we desire.

I welcome you to explore some of these resources via the links below.

Free PDF - Exploring your world - covering 12 important areas of your life.

Building personal Resilience - the ability to help you when you need it most!

Free PDF - Mini dream workbook - to dream, plan and action!

Outbound links for further inspiration, tools, ideas and help - from leading experts in their field.

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