8 Simple things you can do now to Love the Life You Live!

I'd love to write "simply; choose to be happy now" the end.
But as powerful and possible as that is, we often require a little more detail. 

Not too much so as not to get overloaded, but just enough so it can be easily applied
without being tossed into the too hard basket or not enough time slot.

  1. Smile as much as you can. To yourself and to everyone you meet. A smile is the nicest thing you can wear!
  2. Meditate every day. For a few minutes or an hour, you choose. A simple breath meditation will help you quiet your mind and bring you peace and renewed energy. All you need to do is sit comfortably and focus on your breath. If your mind wanders (it probably will to start with) just gently bring it back to counting or focusing on your breath, in and out, in and out, slowly, deeply, consciously. You can do it anytime, anywhere. Meditation is also a great space to ask a specific question, put it out there and be open to receiving the messages that come (and they will if your open to hearing or seeing them).
  3. Be in the present moment as much as you can. Your now. Catch yourself when your mind wanders off into the past or fly’s off into worrying about a future that hasn't even happened. This moment is where change takes place and miracles happen. Not yesterday or tomorrow - today, now!
  4. Feed your mind every day with words, thoughts and information that lift your soul, help you to grow and fill you with purpose, meaning and love. Use books, audios, positive and inspiring quotes, videos, blogs and newsletters, your own self-talk.
  5. Say I love you; to those you love (never assume they know) and to yourself in the mirror every day. Love and embrace you. For all that you are, all that you do, all that you can do and can be. Because whether you believe it or not right now - you are fabulous, worthy and capable and don't let anyone make you feel otherwise. So walk up to your mirror and say 'I Love You' say it again and again, every single day until you do. 
  6. Find your power song. A song or instrumental that really lifts you up, gives you goose bumps of excitement, enthusiasm and inspiration. You can add it to your phones playlist to play at-least once a day to let your spirits soar.
  7. Express Gratitude. Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to transform your life! The more you acknowledge it, the more you will see. It is simply how our brain works. It notices what you consistently focus on and thinks it must be important to you, so it ensures you see even more of it (positive or negative). You can express gratitude through thought, meditation or in a gratitude journal. Be sure to also let those you are grateful for know and you'll make their day too!
  8. Find your own personal mantra. A word or phrase unique to you that lifts your spirits, keeps you motivated, focused and affirms how you want to feel, be and live. Repeat it MORNING, NOON and NIGHT. My first one over ten years ago was simply “every minute of every day my life gets better in every way. Pin yours up so you can see it every day and memorise it. You can even carry it in your wallet, or stick on your car dashboard. Add it to the printable below.

Life doesn't need to be complicated. With these simple ideas and actions (that hardly take up any of our valuable time) come the greatest positive changes and shifts.

You can pin up the printable check list below to remind you and help you to start creating beautiful habits in your life today.

Loving the life you live and creating the future you desire and deserve is only a thought and choice away. The ideas above are a sure fire way to get you started!

Happiness is a choice.

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