2017 is just around the corner!

What will you take with you?

Hello hello hello!

I thought I’d sneak in one last post before the end of the year!
Firstly I’d like to say I hope you all enjoyed a magnificent Christmas with lots of beautiful moments and memories with your family and friends.

Well can you believe another year is almost over. 
With the end of a year comes a lot of reflection and goal setting with new year’s resolutions and great thoughts of possibility for the new year to come  like; this year I will …….. 

Thus begins another year, another adventure.

So what will take with you into 2017

Well if you want things to stay the same, or feelings of mediocrity, unhappiness doubt & worry then take with you every bad thought, everything that seemed like a failure. All your past worries and thoughts that made you feel low and stuck, along with all the old stories of hardship, I can’t, if only’s, he said, she said & that’s just my bad luck and you’ll find that any new year’s resolution will 
be quickly shattered and lost as life returns to normal. The excitement of the holidays are over and the bills are back in and your back at work – then within a blink of an eye we’ll be doing this again for 2017.

OK so enough with the gloomy picture because it absolutely doesn’t have to be that way. 
No matter who you are, where you are or what you have right now – you get to take control and you get to choose what you take with you. 
So if you want to thrive and grow and feel the pure joy that’s inherent in all of us and turn your dreams into reality and really start to create a life you love then leave the past baggage behind, 
Lighten the load and live from this moment, in this moment – your now – because that’s where change takes place and that’s where miracles happen.
Decide to take with you only the things that serve you. Focus on the magic and power of gratitude, choose to see and focus on everything that is good and beautiful right now in your life and 
you’ll have already given yourself a great gift and the ability and energy to change direction and to open yourself up to a world of possibility. Then take that beautiful new positive energy and 
do everything you can to start heading in the direction you want to go. 

So that this year you make it happen!
So that this year you thrive & start creating a life you love!
How – well that’s the fun part.

Firstly by getting super clear on what it is you want, what you want to feel, how you want be and what you truly want to create or achieve – you know you can’t hit a target if you don’t know what you’re aiming for. So find a quiet moment free from distraction and with pen and paper write down in the greatest detail what it is that you want. 

Secondly get super clear on why the goals you have are so important to you. Ask yourself “why is this so important to me, what does it mean – for you, your children, your health, your life your legacy and if you achieved these goals what would life be like for you?”
Does that thought get you really excited, so excited that it builds an unstoppable burning desire and determination that you’ll do whatever it takes. 
That achieving this goal far outweighs any doubts or fears that may have stopped you in the past. 
Anthony Robbins brilliantly teaches us that you’re WHY is your emotional fuel to help you to keep going when the challenges show up – and they will show up. Something won’t go to plan or work the 
way you’d hoped and that’s where your why comes into power – the bigger the WHY the more determined you’ll be to get back up and to keep going and not allow the excuses or justifications  to creep in and stop you in your tracks. 

Your consistent thoughts become your reality - as I say a lot you feel what you focus on – it’s that simple. 
And the thoughts that you have will be shaped by your beliefs. 
So take a look at your beliefs are they limiting you. Do they tell you that you’re not good enough, cant or it won’t happen for you or that’s just how it is or maybe it’s ok for everyone else? Now we 
could go into deepth as to how those beliefs came to be and ask how are they justified, like who did you listen too? 
Did you allow someone else’s thoughts, doubts fears and negativity to become yours. These are great thoughts to ponder but I could just boldly say drop them, just let them go – because you absolutely are good enough, capable enough, worthy enough to experience the life that you truly desire. You know there’s thousands of true life stories from people of all walks of life who faced 
obstacles and challenges – some beyond our comprehension – that turned things around because they choose to believe they could and then they went to work determined to succeed. 
They tried, applied, fell down, got back up, kept going and listened to the best of the best – the experts in the field they were trying to master and your just as capable as they are and they’d tell you the same thing having experienced it. So always be opening to learning, growing, researching & looking to those who inspire you & have already achieved what you dream of doing.

Now Here's a another little exercise as you start to think about your goals & plans for 2017. 
Grab some pen & paper & find a quiet spot to answer the following:

1. What's an area of your life that's really important to you, an area that you really want to improve or change? Write down exactly what that area in your life is like right now. 
Be as specific as possible (it may be in your relationships, career or health) Write the truth of exactly how it is.

2. What are the rituals that got you there?. 
Be really honest with yourself. There will be things you do in that area on a consistent basis - really think about what they are. It could be thoughts, specific actions or lack of action).

3. What's your vision for that area of your life you want to improve or change? "Everything begins with a vision of something better" Again be really specific as to how you want that area of your life to be.

4. What are the rituals that will get you there?. 
What would you need to do differently to bring your vision to life?.

It may take some time to work through these questions but once you're clear you can start to implement these new rituals, even if just a few at a time so that you start to gain momentum.

You get to choose what you take with you into 2017

Your beliefs thoughts, choices, rituals and decisions - will determine the year you have, the life that you experience and ultimately your Happiness and success.
Without all the past baggage you’ll be lighter, freer and ready for your most amazing year ever.

2017 is just around the corner and it will be as bright and amazing as you believe it will be.

Now if you’re really committed and ready to take it to the next level and make 2017 the beginning of your best year ever then I invite you to contact me today to schedule in a FREE discovery call – 
where we discuss your goals and dreams and getting you the momentum, direction and support you need to help you stay focused, to see it through and most importantly to enjoy the process 
along the way. This may just be the best post-Christmas gift you could ever give yourself and your future.

May I take a moment to wish you every success and happiness.

I look forward to seeing you again with lots more to come in 2017!

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