Being Grateful & Happy...

From the depths of my soul I am grateful & happy,

Not because I drive a Lamborghini (I don’t)

Not because I’m a size 6, perfectly tanned with beautiful clear, young skin (because I’m not)

Not because I have a mansion by the sea (because I don’t)

Not because I run an extremely successful, multi million dollar business (because I don’t)

Not because life is perfect & all my ducks are in a row (because they’re not)

These are some of the things the world makes us believe will make us happy & truly have reason to be grateful, better, successful, important.

I am grateful...

For me, every bit, the scars, bumps, greys, the chances & opportunities I can make & take to live fully with so much love,

For the beautiful people that I am surrounded by everyday, online & offline,

For being a Mum to 2 wonderful sons, who taught me what it is to love unconditionally,

For my beautiful partner, who it took me a long time & lots of hard lessons (but beneficial) to find,

For the work I can & do do in the home that I live in, inside & outside, to make it beautiful, clean, personal & pretty,

For the professional work that I do & the joy that it brings me giving, loving, sharing, helping & connecting,

For my car (even though I love to walk, so I can add in my legs here too) & all the little gadgets that make life easier & give me more time to do what I love,

For the beautiful abundance of nature I can spend time in, to relax, breathe, read, meditate, bask & positively ponder,

For the knowledge I have gained so far in my journey. The books, the mentors, courses, training, my willingness & desire to find answers & for all that is still available for me to learn, so I can love more, be more, give more, do more.

No one ever said that the things the world preaches will make us happy & better aren’t good or things we may desire, save up for, aim for or feel joy from owning, doing or having, but we must stop listening to what the world preaches for it preaches from a cold, impersonal heart/wallet.

We allow it to make us feel less than, not good enough, like a failure if we don’t have those things.

We must listen to our hearts, be grateful for all that we do have & can enjoy right now. The little things, the precise moments, the beautiful souls around us, the magnificence of nature & all its gifts, for our very own, unique & remarkable beauty, talents, lessons & knowledge. That if we choose to see & tap into can lead us, teach us, help us create & live a magnificent life, from where we are right now in this moment, with gratitude for all we do have & the excitement & confirmation in our ability to add, build & create the things we desire as we travel along in our journey of life.

I am grateful for so many things but my biggest gratitudes are not governed by my wallet but by my heart & the joy that comes from within, there is no price for that.

You can give someone everything & yet if they do not have love for themselves or appreciate & with gratitude acknowledge & enjoy what they have right now, how blessed they are, there is an unfulfilling lack & dissatisfaction & a hole that is always looking to be filled.

We have an abundance of things to be grateful for, we just have to choose to see it, acknowledge it, focus on it, love it, embrace it & not compare or look to what the world dictates we should have, we should look like, we should be or spending our time focusing on all the things we don’t have. When we start to acknowledge all that we have we see more of it, it’s simply how our brain works, it believes what you focus on constantly must be important to you & ensures you feel & see more of it.... good or bad.

I pray your gratitude list is long & if it’s not, start your own gratitude ritual today (a daily gratitude journal, gratitude meditation, saying your gratitudes with the family over dinner, falling asleep acknowledge your gratitudes, taking a gratitude walk) & soon it will grow into a beautiful long list & you will smile & feel the simple but powerful benefits that gratitude brings.

With Gratitude, Joy & Love


The Love the Life You Live Coach, Counsellor, Author


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