There has been many Christmas posts on how to really enjoy what is the most wonderful but busiest, often stressful time of the year & we/I do make mention of including yourself in one of the points in my recent article, but I’d like to share a special post just on that point.

You’re busy shopping, cooking, preparing, checking your lists, budgeting, arranging events, travel, invites of whose coming, who isn’t (yep even who you wish wasn’t, let’s be honest). While you’re doing all that you’re working, taking care of the kids, the family in the normal day to day things & many of you are probably feeling popped already & we still have a week to go.

So I put together a little list.

  • Give yourself permission to say no. No to attending things you really don’t want to attend, no to over committing. Shift your thoughts from guilt to self-care, you can’t do everything & now would you want to even try. Prioritise what’s most important to you & your family the rest can carry on without you.
  • Next time your out Christmas shopping stop at your favourite cafe for a coffee to just sit, rest your arms & legs. Free from any electrical gadgets & technology & just breathe. Enjoy the moment.
  • Pick one night this week when your home will be quiet (it may be early in the morning or late at night while every ones in bed & take a bubble bath, bubbles, candles, music, chocolate - what ever you love.
  • Buy that next great Pd book you’ve been thinking of getting (we all have a big ‘must read’ list, you may even have it sitting there but haven’t opened it yet. Take it to the park, curl up in bed, somewhere nice in your garden, a comfy sofa, where ever you feel comfy & cozy & start it.
  • Watch your favourite Christmas movie snuggled up on the lounge.
  • Write a love letter to yourself (I’ll pop the link below of another of my articles to help you get really clear on this one, it’s a great exercise)
  • It’s always good to remind ourself & be ok with the fact that sometimes our family will not meet our expectations or hopes at Christmas (anytime). Sometimes our parents or family members will never be what we hope they will be or say what we hope they will say. This is a tough one but important as so many this time of year experience stress, hurt, frustration over the way things are done or handled when deep down we already know that’s how our parents or family members are. We can just love them as they are & not take things personally & remember that every one is living from their own level of consciousness.
  • Buy yourself a big jar or pick out an empty one around the house, decorate it if you like ready for 2019.... I’ll be sharing a post on this to further explain later this week.

I know we already have much to do but there is so much we really don’t need to do, could delegate or change to make things easier & simpler, see if you can identify things you could remove, change & do differently to free up some of your precious time to be able to enjoy the season.

This should be a beautiful, joyful relaxing time of year & there is no reason it can’t be, we just often get worked up, stressed out, making sure everything is done perfectly that we cause ourselves a lot of unnecessary worry & exhaustion. Christmas is all about giving first & foremost of our time & our love & if we don’t give & love ourselves first by way of self-care we suffer & ultimately so does every one around us.

So take some time today, check out the list above & find some time to fit a few in (you know you can).

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