I love you
I know deep down I do, I should, I must, I do,
Do I?
Why wouldn’t I, shouldn’t I?
Look at you, your beautiful,
I love how you smile & brighten people’s day,
I love how you give so much, 
I love all that you’ve done, been through, endured, you are so much stronger than you realise,
I love how you can (when you choose to) see the positive, work through anything, be anything, 
I know you don’t always see it or feel it,
I know I should tell you more often,
I know I should be kinder to you,
I know I should stop picking on all the flaws, 
I know I should stop doubting, 
I know I have no reason not to believe in you, only thoughts, opinions & ideas I’ve taken onboard from others that are not justified,
I know it is time to let go & embrace, accept, forgive, love... you,
Truly Love, everything about you, mind, body & spirit, for you are a child of God, a Devine & glorious gift of life, made with love, to love, to receive love, fully, freely & unconditionally,
I love you,
I do,
I will tell you this now every day, ever grateful that I am awakened to a new level of being, a beautiful vibrational shift & reminder that you are magnificent, beautiful, capable, worthy & amazing,
I love you,

A prayer from you to you for you.❤️❤️❤️

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