Sometimes I do not know the answers,
But I know that they exist.
Sometimes I choose the hard way,
When I know the easier path.
Sometimes I doubt,
When I know I am capable.
Sometimes I give in,
When I know I'm almost there.
Sometimes I get angry,
When I know peace begins with me.
Sometimes I get stuck in the past,
When I know now is the place to be.

Sometimes, just sometimes I forget what's truly possible and all I am capable of.
But most times I am FREE, I am HAPPY, excited, energised, ready and willing to be who I truly am, to strive for what I truly want, to believe and to never give up.

The 'most times' come from regularly investing in myself, consistently feeding my mind with positive, productive thoughts and information, taking care of myself, believing in myself, being grateful, choosing me, choosing joy, choosing love and looking to my mentors and those that inspire me.

You will always have 'sometimes' when you feel low, stuck, sad or defeated and know you could make a better choice.
But when you regularly invest in yourself, you discover 'most times' you feel alive, joyful, filled with possibility, excitement and love. And that will push you through the 'sometimes'. 
The further along you go, the less 'sometimes' you experience and the quicker you move through them.
Consistency is the key.

I'd like to share with you something a teacher of mine wrote many years ago;

"Learn from the past of you and choose not to contemplate misery.
Find humour in how brilliantly you can create anything.
Witness your brilliance.
Apply only the knowledge that serves you in joy in the present.
Embrace the unknown of the future.
Know that you have the power to change anything that is your minds creation in any moment. 
Emotion is indeed a choice"

We know it but sometimes we forget - so it's always good to remind ourselves xxx

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