a love letter to You

To You, From You, For You xxx

We spend a lot of time worrying.

Our focus hanging around what's not perfect, what's not done, what went wrong!

Not pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, funny enough, tall enough (the list goes on)

It can seem like life is full of drama!
Doubts creep in and manifest to lack and unworthiness.

So here's a beautiful, valuable exercise;

Over the next few days find a beautiful, relaxing place to sit and write yourself a love letter. 
Don't hold back - no one else has to read it. 

Write everything glorious about you; Your gifts, Your strengths, What you've accomplished, What you contribute, How your presence on this earth lifts and brightens the days and lives of those around you (your family, partner, kids, friends, work colleges, even your pets). Write what you love doing, what you'd love to do, what you're already great at. Celebrate You! Be as detailed as you can, even to the seemingly smallest things for e.g. if you love your eyes - write how beautiful they are, if you make the best banana bread in the world; write that down too.

I know you can come up with a lot of beautiful things!

Just let the words of love flow.

Be your own cheerleader, have fun with it and remind yourself how incredible you are!

Love Karen

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