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'Tender loving self-care'

Looking after yourself is foundational! Without it we simply cannot function properly. Nor expect to experience the joy which is inherent in all of us.

You know it, I know it, but how much do we do it?

Self-care is being kind to yourself, an act of self-love, identifying your needs and taking the steps to meet them

I love the analogy of our cars. The vehicles we use and rely upon to take us where we need to and want to go. For our cars to run smoothly we have to service them regularly. We need to put fuel in (the right fuel). We must check the air, tyres and water. And of course we must keep them clean and fresh if we want to enjoy our travels. If neglected the car breaks down or runs rough, it may get you from ‘A’ to ‘B’ but what sort of trip will you have? The worst case scenario is the engine blows up and it ends up in the hospital (aka the mechanics) or the scrap yard.

Our bodies, minds & spirit are no different, we must nurture them. Feeding them regularly with good food and water, with positive information, time out and activities that nourishes our soul, keep us inspired, growing, happy and able to really accomplish all that we desire and need to do - with a smile.

So many people are exhausted, stressed. In particular women; feeling guilty with the thought of giving themselves a break, a treat, a much needed rest. They tend to everything and everyone else making sure everything gets done and everyone else's needs are met. At the end of the day there is no time left for them, they fall into bed exhausted, unhappy and often dreading the thought of doing it all again tomorrow. 

When you are run down, tired, worn out, running around trying to get everything done and leave no time for you - everybody suffers. Another great analogy is of the air masks on a plane. They say in an emergency you must put the mask on yourself first before you help another, otherwise you both pass out. Such a simple but powerful analogy, but one that holds an important truth and lesson that is so easily forgotten. Only when we first help ourselves can we effectively help others.

So the guilt should be gone! When you take care of you first you’re actually doing everyone a favour, and;

- You’ll feel better
- You’ll think clearer
- You’ll experience more love and joy
And as odd as it may sound
- You’ll actually get more done by taking regular time out. 

As I always say "the greatest investment you can ever make is in you, not only do you improve and enhance your life, but also the lives of those around you. As your presence and beautiful new energy naturally lifts and inspires others. That's a beautiful gift to you, those you love and to the world"

You can invest in you in so many ways; reading, studying, learning, researching, applying, trying, being around positive, supportive people - but it also includes self-care. Giving yourself quality time on a regular basis to relax, rejuvenate and just be - you.

The list below is a few self-care activities you can incorporate into your week. Things that will help you feel better, think better, look better and ultimately lead to living a happier, healthier, better life. And remember practising self-care does not have to cost much, there is so much you can do for free or with very little cost involved.

  • EXERCISE - There are so many various ways we can incorporate exercise into our lives. Walking in nature, yoga, thai chi, jogging, running, aerobics classes, swimming, hiking. The list is endless, with something for everyone to enjoy that suits their lifestyle, fitness, finances, time and personal likes.
  • SLEEP - A good nights sleep is a must. A regular bedtime is important. Now I know from time to time we break this but as a general rule having a set time to head off to bed, allowing us a good 7-8 hours sleep a night is vital. Even a nap during the day will have beautiful benefits.
  • READ - Take time out to read something inspiring. Find a perfect spot to curl up with a good book; at the park, the beach, your favourite cafe, a special spot in your home.
  • MEDITATION - A beautiful contributor to your personal development journey and living a happier, healthier life. There are thousands of guided meditations online, but you can easily create your own meditation ritual. Morning or night (or both) simply find a special place free from distraction. A place that is calming and peaceful, then practise a simple breath meditation. All you do is focus on your breath, breathing in and out slowly, deeply, calmly. Allowing the tension to drift away as you relax your body while focusing on your breath. If your mind wanders off (as it will, particularly if you are just starting out) just keep bringing it back to focusing on your breath. In time it will become easier and a beautiful habit you'll look forward to each and every day. You can also use meditation to focus on a specific area in your life, to ask a question and allow your higher mind to guide you to the answer.
  • FIND SOMETHING YOU LOVE TO DO - What lights you up? Do you love to paint, draw, write, stroll through markets, maybe gardening, swimming. Whatever it is - do more of it.
  • JOURNALLING - Your thoughts, ideas, plans, dreams, gratitude.
  • BUY YOURSELF A TREAT - Be it a manicure, pedicure, massage, flowers, a candle or something you just really love to brighten up your home. As women we are so thoughtful when it comes to buying and giving to others... we are allowed to spoil ourselves too!
  • BUBBLE BATHS - This is one of my favourite 'time out' activities; a special time where you can relax, release any tension, unwind and simply take time out from the world. Add in candles, soft music, a little chocolate and you'll be in heaven.
  • MUSIC - Listen to your favourite music. Relax, listen, sing or go crazy dancing across your floor!

This list is just a glimpse of some of the things you can do; it really is endless and only limited by ones imagination.

Self-care is not self-ish as many people believe, it is self-love. It is vital if you wish to experience more love and more joy!

You deserve it and so does everyone around you.

How will you add a little TLSC into your week?

A little PS: 

  • Don't forget our kids and our men! They need it just as much as we do. Encourage them to add a little TLSC into their week too! Time out; to just relax or enjoy quality time with themselves doing something they love to do.
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